In collaboration with our State efforts, the Bay Area held it's first Regional Competition on April 28th at San Jose City College. Student teams who are in our region and participated in the last CyberPatriot season were eligible to compete to represent us in the California Cyber Innovations Challenge.

This competition had a Security Audit of a real company, complete with a report due to judges and a presentation before the company's Board of Directors, a group of volunteers from industry and business managers. Teams also participate in a capture the flag and a team jeopardy activity. 

The two teams that won the 2018 contest are from Amador Valley and Athenian High School, with Third Place the All Girl's Middle School team from Tri-Valley Coder Dojo. 

Competition Materials was written by Irvin Lemus. Challenge Images and Scoring was created and executed by Henry Padilla, Bradley Bettencourt, Jeremy Woodling, Jennifer Kouragian, Jacobs Otto and Richard Banuelos of Cabrillo College.


Bay Area Regionals Competition 2019


Who will represent the Bay Area at the California Cyber Innovation's Challenge 2019?

Teams will work through two main challenges, geared to test their technical and soft skills before industry professionals. 

Challenges written and executed by Jetta Ragsdale, Janelly Servin, Bradley Bettencourt, Justin Hawthron, Jacobs Otto and Jeremy Woodling of Cabrillo College.

This event is funded by the Doing What Matters Strong Workforce Program grant.


Capture the Flag

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