Where Do I Begin?

Beginning Steps for any School or Organization

Everyone needs a start or a Step 1 when beginning a journey. With so many competitions and events, it can be challenging to find a starting place.


In our region, we do our best to guide and support our region to the best of our ability. We ask everyone (students, coaches, mentors, parents, administrators) to sign up to receive the support we provide.

Below is an ideal infrastructure for a successful competitions program under our umbrella. We recognize this is not always possible in every location, so we work closely with each situation to ensure everyone has the support and training they need to be successful. 

Competition Team Infrastructure


A successful Cyber Competitions program begins with a champion at the local level, the Coach. 

Coaches do not need technical expertise, but it is welcomed. Coaches are the administrative point person between the students, the various competition organizers and our program.


Coach's duties range from providing a physical meeting space for students, establishing communication with parents, registering students for the various competitions on time, responding to Regional Coordinator, chaperoning students to training and competition events among other roles.

Coaches can be parents, teachers and/or staff. For most competitions, coaches can have multiple teams of students enrolled into the competitions. 


Competitors are currently enrolled Middle School, High School and Community College students. 

No prior experience or knowledge is required, but it is always welcomed.

Students should be aware of the various dates for training and competitions to ensure they are available to attend on site or online. 

Technical Mentor

Mentors are people (18 years or older) who have experience in the various fields who will work with the various teams in their preparation by teaching concepts, tips, best practices and more to students. 

Mentors can be Community College students taking Information Technology courses to Industry. 

Mentors are required to contact the Regional Coordinator to receive training prior to working with students locally or across the region.


Without the local community and the community in the region, this program will not be sustainable. 

We rely on our industry partners to work alongside our mentors, coaches and students to give back to the community and advise us in our efforts to raise generations of knowledgeable workforce ready personnel. 


Step 1: Sign up on our website

Step 2: Once you have been given access to the contents of this site, add yourself to the mailing list and Discord

Step 3: Follow directions to enroll into the various competitions before the due date

Step 4: Attend online/onsite training as scheduled in order to be prepared to play

Step 5: Practice on NetLab and Compete!

If you have any questions regarding any step in the process, feel free to reach out to us!

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