Cybersecurity Contest Information for California, Florida and Missouri

Contest Purpose:

To evaluate each contestant’s preparation for employment and to recognize outstanding students for excellence and professionalism with relation to the entry level digital defensive skills within the field of Cybersecurity.

Requirements & Setup:

  • Standard SkillsUSA competition and attire rules apply.

  • Students must bring their own laptops to the contest site with the battery charger. 

    • Laptops should be fully charged prior to the contest

  • Students will work in a room with enough power outlets to charge the laptops and be given either wired or wireless Internet access on site.

Technical Content

Regionals Competition:

Teams will be given a computer hard drive image and will be tasked to find and report on information gathered. Students will also work on an online quiz to test their hard skills in a live environment.

Preparatory Materials:

State Competition:

Teams will spend up to 6 hours completing the following three tasks:

  1. Penetration Testing

    1. Two Linux systems will have various flags; can you find them all?

      1. Suggested tools: NMAP, SQLi, Nessus, Metasploit, Burp Suite

  2. Digital Forensics

    1. Can you find the flags in an image or in a live VM?

      1. Suggested tools: SANS SIFT, Autopsy (not sleuthkit)

  3. Mobile Security

    1. Can you find the flags within an Android OS?

      1. Suggested tool: Genymotion

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